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The Wonder Years Release Second Single "Summer Clothes"

Updated: May 25, 2022

For a band that had been comparatively quiet throughout most of the Covid-19 pandemic until the later half of 2021, The Wonder Years have decided to make 2022 their year. On the tail end of a tour celebrating their first two albums, The Upsides and Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing, the band has been releasing new music over the past few weeks. Most recently was the acoustic homage to better days, “Summer Clothes”.

As the band described the single in their Instagram post “It’s a love letter to a time when your sadness was most conspicuous by its momentary absence, when the low hum quieted enough for you to realize it was nearly gone, when you did stupid dangerous shit because, well, why not?”

The track takes the listener back to a simpler time with little to no responsibility weighing on the shoulders of the song’s subject. The lyrics suggest that a small group of friends are going to the beach and end up making new friends, introducing a love interest of sorts to the story’s main character. It’s a song filled with nostalgia for long summer nights, making new friends along the way, and feeling good about life, even for just a little bit. This softer love song approach is something the band has started to use more recently on their albums, with “Flowers Where Your Face Should Be” and “You In January” from their last two albums being excellent examples, suggesting the band’s members are in much better places in their lives to draw inspiration from.

Dan "Soupy" Campbell, Matt Brasch, and Mike Kennedy silhouetted at the start of a song at The Filmore in Philadelphia.

The acoustic track comes after last month’s more raucous “Oldest Daughter”, as well as two other singles released in 2021 that drew inspiration from unreleased demos and songs started in the 2010-2011 era surrounding their first two albums. A new album has yet to be officially announced, however on their Upsides and Suburbia anniversary tour, Dan “Soupy” Campbell teased the crowd that their favorite album is neither of the ones being celebrated, but actually is going to be the new album coming out in 2022. While teasing the album, they had also told the frenzied crowd they would be back before the year was over to play that new material. "Summer Clothes" is available wherever you stream and digitally purchase music.

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