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Interview Presentation at CBI NSEMC

October 30th - November 2nd 2019

In 2019, I was part of the group WSOU sent to the CBI NSEMC conference. After finding out I was going, I immediately got to work on figuring out a presentation to give while there. After consulting with a few of the other WSOU students going, we landed on something that we knew best, interviews. For an hour, we gave a presentation about the basics of conducting an interview, from how to prepare, to what to do afterwards. The panel consisted of two of my WSOU colleagues as well as another student from WKNC in North Carolina, all with different experiences doing interviews for our respective fields and stations.

"Chewie's-Worst-Idea-Ever-Athon" 24 Hour Marathon

November 27th - November 28th 2019

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving in 2019 became one of my crowning on-air achievements to date. Due to many people wanting to go home for the holiday, or being home due to the school's Fall break, many people were looking to have their shift covered. Being "local" to the radio station, the Music Director, and good friends with the Programming Director who was also returning home, I took a bulk of these shifts. Without realizing it, I took all but a single shift, which was promptly given to me once the DJ was told of my intentions. Over the course of the 24 hours, I stayed awake at the board and was speaking on-air for all but about 6 hours. During those six hours, I was working the board for a basketball game being broadcasted and eating. This was the first time any of the school-hired staff, two of which were alumni, were aware of a 24 hour shift occuring, making it the first known occurance in the station's history.

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WSOU's 5 Months Alone Festival

June 18th - June 21st 2020

One of my most ambitious projects I pursued during my time at WSOU was our 5 Months Alone Festival. This was put together at the time when artists were starting to cancel tours for the Summer of 2020, and the global lockdown was going significantly longer than the "2 weeks to a month" we were all expecting. Instead of taking these cancellations lying down, I got to being creative and arrived at what would become 96 hours straight of live recordings spanning decades and continents. Following approval from the station's management team, I began reaching out to any and every label and PR firm we work with to get as many live sets as possible. After getting everything I could out of the "official" routes, I then reached out to the biggest contributor of sets for the festival, Hate5Six, the source of countless videos of live performances from small local shows to festivals such as "This Is Hardcore". Of course, without the help of three other willing audio editors to censor these live recordings for Catholic radio as well as the rest of the WSOU management team, the amount of traction and the sheer size of the radio-centered festival would not have been possible. 

WSOU's 5 Months Alone Festival: A New Hope

July 1st - July 4th 2021

With my time at WSOU rapidly coming to a close, and live music only just starting to make it's return, I began planning the sequel event to our 5 Months Alone Festival. This follow up, aptly titled "A New Hope", was meant to signify that, just over a year after the first event, we've come full circle, as now artists were making their return and playing the shows that were being cancelled and postponed a year prior. Following approval from the station's management team, I started to plan out which sets would be reused, and what newer releases were going to be added. Afterwards, I once again reached out to the labels and PR firms to get as many new recordings as possible, both new to us and new to the world. After finishing collecting the sets, I had amassed 28 new sets, 7 of which were from repeat artists, and one of which was extra special, as it was taken from a WSOU night at CBGBs back in 2000 and even included the original stage intro by alumni and current Underwriting Manager Jen Kajzer. As with the year prior, without the help of the other willing audio editors to censor these live recordings for Catholic radio as well as the rest of the WSOU management team, this event wouldn't have been possible.

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